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What we Do

Person-centred assessment and individualised treatment planning

  • Psychiatric assessments for adults and older adults
  • Cognitive behavioural and self help interventions
  • Neuromodulation (TMS)
  • Second opinion assessments
  • Evaluations and opinions for third parties such as ACC, Insurance, NZ Immigration
  • Expert opinion reports in relation to the Mental Health Act and PPPR Act
  • Capacity assessments (to appoint EPOA, testamentary capacity) and level of care assessments for older persons
  • Medicolegal reports: presentencing reports, fitness to stand trial and answering of other psychiatric questions within a legal framework

consultant Pyschiatrist

Dr Darren Malone

Darren Malone is a consultant psychiatrist and psychogeriatrician. Darren has worked in private practice since 2008. His work involves a combination of private consultations for patients referred by GPs and medicolegal work.

Darren completed undergraduate medical training at Otago University (1992), followed by postgraduate psychiatric training in the UK (London and Leicester) with completion of specialist training certificates in adult, old age and liaison psychiatry.

Positions Held

  • Academic positions with the University of Leicester and Auckland University
  • Prevocational Educational Supervisor at Lakes DHB
  • Director of Training (Psychiatry) at Lakes DHB
  • Head of the Department of Mental Health Services (MHS)
  • Director Area of Mental Health Services
  • Clinical Director of Mental Health Services – Lakes DHB

Darren is one of only three certified feed back Informed Treatment (FIT) trainers in New Zealand. Darren has completed Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation training at Monash University, Melbourne, under the guidance of Professor Paul Fitzgerald.

Darren has completed academic activities, including research projects, publications, and conference presentations.

nurse & counsellor

Kate Malone

Kate Malone is a registered nurse. Kate trained at the Nightingale School of Nursing at St Thomas & Guys Institute of Nursing, London, United Kingdom. Kate has worked as a mental health nurse across a variety of settings, including private hospitals in London and the NHS. Kate has completed a post-graduate diploma in drug & alcohol addictions with Imperial College of Medicine, University of London. Kate has worked as a mental health nurse in acute inpatient settings (including adult, eating disorders, addictions and detoxification and older adults), as a community mental health nurse and as a primary mental health nurse counsellor. Kate has previously maintained DAPANZ registration and worked as an addictions counsellor for youth and adults.

Kate has worked in a number of neuromodulation settings in the UK and New Zealand. She has completed TMS training at Monash University, Melbourne, under the guidance of Professor Paul Fitzgerald. Kate administers rTMS treatments.

Qualified TMS and FIT Practitioners

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) a comprehensively researched, internationally endorsed treatment for difficult to treat depression. TMS is highly effective and extremely well-tolerated.

 FIT is an empirically supported, pan theoretical approach for evaluating and improving the quality and effectiveness of behavioural health services. FIT involves routinely and formally soliciting feedback from clients regarding the therapeutic alliance and outcome of care and using the resulting information to inform and tailor service delivery.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

Capacity assessments and level of care assessments for older persons.

Feedback Informed Treatment

Cognitive behavioural and self-help interventions

Psychiatric assessment for adults

Psychotherapeutic interventions

Expert psychopharmacological reviews

Medicolegal reports